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MARCH 2019


The London Classic Car Show

Achates Power

A modern retake on the opposed-piston engine

Hindle Reman

A V20 with 6.2-litre cylinders? We can remanufacture that…


Porosity can cause engine failure. Here’s how to stop it


Classic Motor Cars

A trip to Bridgnorth and the renowned Jaguar specialist

Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology

A facility that trains up to 40 apprentices per year

Ivor Searle

Engine remanufacturing on an industrial scale


A core equipment supplier for our industry


Gathercole Race Engines

From parts for fuel injection to recreating engines and cars

Engine Parts UK/Athena

The UK-based parts specialist and the Italian gasket maker

AM Cars

A niche market with 5 cylinders and 4-wheel drive!

Pitcairn Engineering

It’s north of the border to meet these diesel specialists

Cover Feature: Foxwoods Engineering

A glimpse at the mighty biennial automotive show

ZF Hybrid Axle

Adding a hybrid rear ax;e to maximise vehicle efficiency

Elring Parts Ltd

A trip to the Gateshead-based parts specialist


Competition Engine Services, part of the JLW Group

Mazda Gets ‘Activ’

Mazda’s new petrol engine works like a diesel

A Delicate Balancing Act

Steve Smith of Vibration Free explains balancing

Aston Engineering

The Derby-based Aston Martin specialist

Cover: FAI Auto Parts – An Exporting Future

We speak to Managing Director Sean Walker

MAY – JUNE 2018

Remanufacturing v Reconditioning

David Eszenyi from Ivor Searle discusses…

Cadillac’s First-ever Twin-Turbo V8

Cadillac’s brilliant new ‘reverse head’ engine

Cover: Nicholson McLaren – Flying High

Race cars to aircraft to a stunning new dyno cell facility

Westwood Cylinder Liners

The specialist liner company based in Worcestershire

APRIL 2018

Infiniti’s take on variable compression ratio engines

From 8:1 to 14:1 in 1.5 seconds...

Cover: Mountune history 

David Mountain looks back at his career in tuning

BG Automotive aftermarket components

A visit to the Swindon master parts supplier

Harry Weslake and Ric Wood: Master Craftsmen

Two engine specialists connected by the Ford Capri

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